Just a few more weeks!

This dream is quickly becoming a reality. People are buying tickets, speakers are booking travel, and youth workers from all over are starting to get pumped about our time together on the campus of SPU.

Here’s some odd-n-ends about the day, questions and anticipated questions I’ve gotten from a variety of people.

  • Ride sharing / room sharing – We want to keep Open as accessible as possible. If you’re able to help drive people or willing to host a guest, please let us know!
  • Connect on Facebook – Open Seattle has a Facebook event page. If you are coming, please join the page so you can connect with others. Let’s hope this isn’t just a one day thing, but that you make some awesome connections.
  • Coming from far away? We know there are folks coming locally but we also know some people are coming from far away. Let us know where you are coming from! And, if you are traveling, make sure to post where you are coming from and any needs you may have. You know… ask not want not. 
  • Want to live blog? We’d love to have a few people keep a live blog of our day. We can post that right here on the site.
  • Yes, everything will be shared! This is an open-source style event. In other words, what you hear at Open Seattle is going to be shared freely. We’ll be asking the speakers to share their slide decks, and we plan on recording the talks to share at openym.org.
  • T-shirts-n-stuff! When you bought your ticket you told us your t-shirt size. That does imply that you’ll be getting an Open Seattle t-shirt. We’re in the process of doing that right now. (Want to design it? Let us know!)
  • Plan to stay for the after party. No seriously, it won’t be a raging all night party. But we are planning to head over to a nearby pub after Open to mingle.
  • This isn’t a sales pitch. As we are putting together the day you need to know there isn’t going to be a hard pitch to buy anything. We have great hosts, partners, and sponsors… without them this thing couldn’t happen… and they are going to tell you about their ministries. But we’re intentionally not loading up sessions with sales pitches. Our presenters aren’t coming to sell books, either. They are coming to train and encourage you!
  • Here’s the lunch plan. We don’t have one, on purpose. You can bring your lunch, stay on campus and eat at SPU, walk somewhere, or jump in the car to go somewhere. Our encouragement to you would be to just not do lunch alone!
  • We need a panel idea. We’re pretty sure one panel is going to be on student leadership. But we’d love to have another idea. We can certainly make one up… but we think it’d be better to come from those attending!

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