Session Topics

Here’s what to expect from our excellent team of speakers/presenters. 

Note: We’ll add to this as we confirm the last couple of speakers.

Session Title Title with a link
5 Everyday Compliments that Alienate Youth (and what to say instead) Briana Barrett-Squirrel
A Fresh Take On Sustainable Ministry and Short-term Missions Mike Rhoades
Believing and Belonging Katherine M. Douglass
Eutheology Mike Langford
Helping Teenagers Help Friends in Crisis Jim Hancock
Host Adam McLane
Keeping it real. How to be who God made you to be not what people expect Lars Rood
Practicing Open Youth Ministry Brad Hauge
Practicing Open Youth Ministry Ella Kerner
TBA Brock Morgan
Teen Strengths and Ministry Calvin Black
the Irrelevant Millennium Church Michelle Lang
The unCertainty Principle: Teaching Others to Doubt Geoff Kullman