Sessions confirmed so far!

Confirmed so far!

  1. Relational and adventure ministry to reach and disciple teenagers in both rural and urban settings (Mark Moder)
  2. Youth Collective: Collaborative, Local, Ecumenical Student Ministry (Morgan Schmidt)
  3. The Virtuous Cycle (Brian Aaby)
  4. Ministering to the whole family (Leena Prindle)
  5. Autism and Adolescence (Tammy Burns)
  6. How to recruit the best volunteers (Justin Herman)
  7. Love Without Agenda (Jimmy Spencer, Jr.)
  8. Discipling Teenagers to Disciple Others (Paul Martin)
  9. Bring it! To China (Tim Carigon)
  10. Training and retaining GREAT leaders (Nick Steinloski)
More coming… subject to change… all of that.
Note: If you submitted a proposal and haven’t heard from us yet, don’t read anything into that. We’re still working on the schedule.

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