Speaker Spotlight: Leena Prindle

Leena’s talk at Open: Youth Ministry while Working in Children, Youth, Family ministry setting

How long have you been ministering to teenagers?

I was on peer leadership ministry teams as as high schooler in church, then kept going through six years of college as a volunteer and amazingly have had 12 years professionally working in congregational youth ministry. So approximately 22 years.. Wow, how does that happen?!

Why teenagers?

I love the conversations about life and faith and how God works in and through their lives. Also, I am passionately an advocate for teenagers to those who are fearful or annoyed by them. They are worth as much investment as the cute babies and toddlers and college students with potential. I want them to know they are loved and have something to contribute and want to help prove that to the adults who don’t believe it.

Tell us about your day-to-day role, what do you do?

Director of Faith Formation for a congregation of 150 worshiping on a Sunday.
Coordinating programs and education ministry for early childhood, elementary, Jr./Sr.high, and adults. Volunteers, administration, interns, curriculum, retreats, children’s sermons, teaching classes for all ages, event planning, relationship building, mentoring/supervising interns. Also admin of social media for the church.

When it comes to ministering to teenagers, what’s your passion?

Empowering teens, their families, and adults who care about them in faith and their God given gifts – to better know, love, and serve the Lord.

What are you hoping for at Open Seattle?

That everyone will walk away with either a new tidbit of information, a moment of rest and renewal, or a new ministry connection to give them direction in ministering to the teens in their lives.

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