Speaker Spotlight: Mark Moder

Hear Mark’s talk during session 8.

How long have you been ministering to teenagers?
25 Full Time, 27 total
Why teenagers? 
I love teenagers. I love their energy.  But mostly I work with teenagers because they are are still asking questions about life. And if you want to change a culture, you must impact it’s generation of youth.
Tell us about your day-to-day role, what do you do? 
I am the guy in charge where I work. I set direction, manage people, raise $$; that sort of thing.
When it comes to ministering to teenagers, what’s your passion? 
I love working with unchurched teens. I love getting students out of their comfort zones where they get to push themselves beyond where they’d prefer to be, whether it’s white water rafting or working with the homeless.
What are you hoping for at Open Seattle?
I love the idea of a level playing field where the ideas are what has merit not necessarily the names.  Youth Ministry has experienced a log jam of some great speakers over the last generation, but I fear it’s been at the expense of the next. Like a High School team who wins state 3 yrs in a row with a bunch of kids who’ve started since they were Sophomores; it’s a real challenge to compete after that Sr. class finally graduates. Who will be the voices for youth ministry’s next gen? I don’t think we’ve met most of them yet.

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