Speaker Spotlight: Mike Langford

Hear Mike’s talk, What Has Wall Street To Do With Emmaus? during session 4.

How long have you been ministering to teenagers?

About 20 years.

Why teenagers? 

Because, developmentally speaking, it is such a critical period of life. They are asking such key questions – Who am I? Do I matter? What’s life about? They are old enough to think deeply about such things, but young enough to still be open to helpful guidance.

Tell us about your day-to-day role, what do you do? 

I am a college professor, so most of my time is spent with students – teaching them, listening to them, talking with them over coffee, tough questions and good thoughts. There’s lots of laughter, too! I also spend quite a bit of time reading, thinking and writing about theology and ministry.

When it comes to ministering to teenagers, what’s your passion?

I want to help students think theologically about their identity formation. How do they think about who they are and why they are here in light of who God is and what God is doing?

What are you hoping for at Open Seattle?

I hope to meet other folks who care about adolescents and are thinking about how to best care for them in light of God’s great mission, and I hope to learn from them in our conversations together!

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