Sponsor Spotlight: Crista Camps

Tell us a little bit about you, like what are you all about? 

CRISTA Camps exists to proclaim the gospel and build servant leaders.  We do this through hosting groups and camps at each of our beautifully located and uniquely themed properties, Island lake and Miracle Ranch. With high energy service, great food and incredible adventure activities, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional camping experience specifically tailored for each group that comes to our properties.

When it comes to youth ministry, what’s your organizations passion? 

We see ourselves as a tool for the local church.  In regards to youth, our camps provide a unique environment that sets students and leaders up to get to know each other and God in a deeper way. Camp provides the opportunity to get away from the distractions of normal life and consider what is most important in life, namely loving God and others.  Practically, we love to come alongside youth leaders by taking care of many of the retreat details, so they can focus on building relationships and having a blast with their students.

Who are we going to meet at Open Seattle? What’s their story? 

Erik and Jon will be attending Open Seattle.  Erik is one of our program directors and Jon is the Sales and Marketing Director.  Both have a background in youth ministry at churches here in the Northwest.  As with so many people, camp and the relationships formed there, played a huge role for both Jon and Erik’s spiritual development.  Jon has been with CRISTA Camps for 6 years and Erik for 2.5.

What are you excited about for Open Seattle? 

We are excited for the opportunity to network with youth workers and see and hear what God is doing through those youth workers in the region.

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